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One of TS major products is SWIR camera, and most applications require the integration of optical design with good mechanical practices and system consideration. TS specialists strongly recommend professional SWIR lens maker named Optec S.P.A founded in 1985 if you have a need of SWIR system.

Every SWIR camera TS offers perfectly fitted with Optec’s SWIR lens for the best image.

About Optec
Founded in 1985, Optec is the Italian firm reference leader in optical, optoelectronic and optomechanic sector, in Europe and in the world.
Our customized development for many of Industry sectors, represents for us the engine of our high standard solutions, and represents for our Customers the correct answer for each problem who tumble in Optec's action area.
Studies carried out inside Optec, are often presents in several technical publications; inside Collana di Ottica e Fotonica, a technical Italian publications which contains different and interesting articles, and which is going to receive the 8th volume (Winter School on Optoelectronics and Photonics), Optec has given a contribute with the 4th volume "Elements of Optical design", written by our professional engaging in private Industry and in research area.

The correct approach to the design is a comprehensive specification encompassing all the important parameters for the specific application.

 In the SWIR application a special attention has been devoted to the following aspect :

Optec SWIR Lens is,
Optical transmission: more than 85%
Aperture (F/N): not less than F/N=4
Glass types: no toxics glasses
Resolution: more than 20 lp/mm at 50% contrast
Antireflection: coating: R<1% over the wavelength range
Wavelength range: 0.9÷1.7µm and 1.7÷2.3µm
Large spectrum: one large range from 0.9÷ 2.3µm

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