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TS Corporation is the company who had introduced Nissei’s cable products for machine vision market firstly in Korea, and TS is the only company who sells Nissei’s quality cable products for machine vision to Korean customers. From 2016, TS plans to promote this quality proved industrial cables to the world. 
About Nissei
As a manufacturing of electric insulating material, NISSEI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. now has three established product lines; HIFLON™ LIKAL™ and LICOM™.

NISSEI has developed technology for wide range of allocations and has introduced a variety of electric and electronic components.

NISSEI's slogan is that “Do our best, Something only we can do”

NISSEI, has been established since 1969, overcomes different challenges and keeps on development with the trend. We target a leading position in every market, by strengthening our marketing and sales management, productivity and technical ability. In order to globalize our production force we made an early started by launching our first offshore production facilities in China at 1993 and second at Vietnam in 1999.

In the coming future, NISSEI will keep on putting effort to develop high valued added and smaller size products. They will also concentrate in widening our market, achieving environmental friendly production and challenging the unknown territory.
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