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TS Corporation was originally founded in 2014 in order to strengthen Adimec’s sales activities and response rapidly to Adimec’s customers in Korea where it requires various demands on many different types of projects.

After TS Corporation(here after TS), Adimec Business Office Korea, establishment, TS committed to monitor Korean market trends and provide international vision of cutting-edge technology to Adimec that can help to set the right direction for Asian market. As a result, every year sales in Korean market grows since 2014.

To Adimec’s channel partners, TS provides  solutions for several problems which comes out when Korean customers work with overseas companies for example, an unstable delivery service, rapid response for technical issues and etc,.
Who is Adimec ?
Adimec designs, manufactures, and markets high performance industrial cameras for equipment manufacturers in:
for the needs of specific applications, Adimec cameras exceed general purpose.

Adimec is a reliable partner with a focus on establishing long term relationships through a worldwide network of highly qualified engineers.

Adimec aligns its roadmap in close cooperation with industry leaders and monitors the market for the latest technology to continuously provide innovative cameras that enhance our customers' competitiveness. With our capabilities, modular designs, process control and commitment to partnership, we can tailor to the exact solution required in a short time to market and with low risk.
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