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TS CORPORATION works with various partners to provide, sell and consult on the solutions, service our customers need. If you want to be an our partner, please click here to ask more about TS partnership. Beyond border, work with TStogether!
Industrial high-end camera maker in Netherland.
Adimec designs, manufactures, and markets high performance industrial cameras for equipment manufacturers in, Machine Vision, Healthcare, and Global Security.

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Optec is the world leading optical, optoelectronic and opto mechanical Italian company.
Founded in 1985, Optec works in the field of process control and monitoring, analysis and scanning of paper documents, robotics, color analysis, on line and/or automated inspections, imaging (medical and scientific), X-ray equipment, analysis and aerial reconnaissance and photographic processes.

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Founded in 1942 by Norman Edmund, the company has grown to a global organization supporting the R&D, electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and military markets around the globe. EO products are used in a variety of applications ranging from DNA sequencing to retinal eye scanning to high-speed factory automation.
Edmund Optics has been a trusted source for quality optics, imaging and opto-mechanical components for over 70 years.

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AVAL DATA is no.1 Japanese market share company in the Industrial Embedded Computer market.
Since its foundation in 1959, AVAL has always been a leader in delivering the most advanced and quality of products such as various I/O board with FPGA, frame grabbers, RTOS, machine vision S/W, and etc.,

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NISSEI is an electric insulating material manufacturer in Japan, and has now 3 product line-up. NISSEI has developed technology for wide range of allocations and has introduced a variety of electric and electronic components which are wires & cable, tubing, electric heaters, optical fiber, and laser components.

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EverPro Technologies is a joint venture between Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) located in Wuhan, China and VIA Technologies, Inc. with head quarter located in Taipei, Taiwan. YOFC is top 2 optical fibre and cable provider in the world. VIA Technologies is a leading provider of integrated circuits for x86 architecture. Leveraging the IC design and optical fiber &cable design and manufacturing capabilities from VIA and YOFC respectively, EverPro is able to create the world’s first and best USB 3.0 AOC cable. The head quarter of EverPro Technologies is located at Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Zone.

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Xiamen Leading Optics is design and manufacturing of industrial lenses. They offer wide range of industrial lenses for the applications of Surveillance, Video conferencing, Machine vision, Automotive, Medical, and etc with high-performance within reasonable price.

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Daitron Korea is one of subsidiaries of its mother company “Daito Electronic Co., Ltd.,” which is a sales and manufacturing company specializing in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Taking advantage of its worldwide network, it finds excellent domestic and foreign products from cutting-edge systems and equipment to core parts and deliver them to customer quickly. Daitron Korea represents various visual imaging products makers in Korea such as Matrox, SONY, iDS, Prime Tech, CCS, Chiopt, etc., as well as a broad assortment of electronics and semiconductor parts
IDS is a professional industrial development system provider.  Main division is providing industrial PC which is high-performance embedded computers, motherboard, and panel PCs for the various demanding industries including factory automation, medical, military, and etc.,
Jun Vision is a leading design consultant, project manager and provider of machine vision and global security systems for various industries. Their consultants have an average of ten years of experience in machine vision industry, and as an Adimec’s authorized distributor they have ability to help customer setup the system meets the requirements of high-end application.
Sun Hightech is a professional machine vision solution provider.  Since 1999, they provide several overseas imaging brand makers’ products such as Adimec, Avaldata, Hitachi, NED, VS Technology and etc., to Korean customers as an authorized distributor of those brand. They are not only selling imaging components, and also design their own vision system called “Aclover”
TAEWON International supplies high quality chemical products that indispensable for the production of various items at low cost, by partnering with a number of clients over the world. Other than chemical supplying business, TAEWON provides consulting service related to licensing and trading matters.

* Marked company is an Adimec’s authorized channel partner in Korea.