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TS Corp. has two big business scope which are visual imaging solution provision by imaging specialists and delivering various consulting services by TS generalist consultants.
Imaging business is the root business of TS Corporation. As an imaging specialist in this industry, TS understands customer’s demands and unmet needs, and provide the most optimized and appropriate solution with advancing technology to the customers in a timely manner.

TS imaging specialists are ready to propose you of Imaging solution for general industry machine vision, healthcare, global security, and etc.,

TS Corporation offers a wide range of service from strategy consulting such as brand positioning, trading(export / import), overseas sales and marketing, holding special event (exhibition show/seminar), and etc.,

TS generalist consultants design to make our client’s company more efficient and productive in business areas clients may never have encountered.  Some work fields, TS conduct specialist consulting service which requires in-depth knowledge such as imaging components brand positioning in certain market.

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